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Welcome to the Stratford of Avon Homeowners' website! This site contains pages for the public and prospective homeowners, along with other pages exclusively for current owners within the Stratford of Avon community (denoted with a lock icon). From this portal you can edit and update your contact information, select your preferred method(s) of communication and whether you wish to receive these via email and/or texts, as well as your preferred frequency for receiving the various types of communications and notifications. We encourage all homeowners to keep their information up-to-date so you never miss out on our neighborhood happenings! 

If you need any assistance at all within this site, please do not hesitate to email: [email protected]

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Stratford of Avon is a self-managed neighborhood, and your Stratford of Avon Homeowners' Association (SAHA) Board of Directors is composed of Stratford residents who volunteer their time and energy to serve and help lead our community. The Board’s charter and primary duty is to preserve the integrity and maintain the appearance of our neighborhood by the administration of the following:

  • Financial Management, Sound Fiduciary Responsibility & Neighborhood Planning
  • Maintenance and Repairs of Common Areas
  • Architectural Change/Improvement Guidance and Approval
  • Oversight of the Declaration of Covenants and Rules Enforcement
Mailing address:                                                                       
Stratford of Avon Homeowners' Association 
8103 East US Highway 36 
UPS Store - Box 118 
Avon, IN 46123-7964

In Memory of Randel Patterson. Randel lived in Stratford and his love of bees & passionate knowledge of them will always be remembered. 

BE in the Know!  BE Kept Up to Date!  By frequently visiting this website designed just for our Stratford homeowners!  Speaking of "BE's", did you know that: Free Cartoon Bee Pics, Download Free Cartoon Bee Pics png images, Free ...

World Bee Day is celebrated each year on May 20th?  Bees help feed and fuel communities by pollinating crops. In fact, some scientists estimate that one out of every three bites of food we eat exists because of animal pollinators like bees. From plants to final product, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has programs to help bee and honey producers every step of the way. Their programs can help protect and conserve
habitat, protect beekeeping investments and recover from disasters impacting operation.

Assistance for Bee and Honey Producers From Plant to Product
Click Here to Learn More

USDA Farmers Bulletin

Raising & protecting bees has become a very serious matter.  In fact,
did you know that a recent Law passed by the Indiana Legislatures and effective July 1, has adopted legislation limiting the ability of Indiana homeowner associations to regulate beekeeping?  Homeowner associations can NOT ban beekeeping, but they CAN adopt Rules regulating it. For more information concerning this new Law, please click on the Menu on the left-hand side of this Page under the MEMBERS SECTION, GOVERNING DOCUMENTS & FORMS, and select Indiana Legislative Updates 2024.  This new Law, as well as other legislative updates affecting homeowner associations in 2024, can also be found on that Page. 

BEE-come Involved!
Your Stratford Governing Documents Review Committee will be working on updating our Covenants over the next several months. 
Included among the revisions will be language to accommodate this new Bee Law.  If anyone is interested in joining this Review Committee, where other revisions will also be addressed, please email [email protected]